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It is an independent oil and gas company engaged in the extraction of oil and mineral resources.


Brenham’s approach is to create a foundation for development and production of assets in the USA coupled with high potential global exploration opportunities.

our vision

We highly rely on the indomitable experience of our management team, including a track record of acquisitions and discoveries for major oil and gas companies in Africa.

Our services

  • Berthing & Quay Facilities.
  • Bulk Storage, Mud Plant and Mixing facilities.
  • Petroleum products related services.
  • Cargo Transportation Units.
  • Conventional and unconventional oil and gas exploration and production.

“Brenham oil team has provided us with the necessary information and knowledge to hedge our natural gas supplies on the open market for over ten years. Their expertise has allowed us to minimize the market risk involved in buying natural gas.”  

Seymour D. Baze, CEO, GM(Known for manufacturing riser recliner chairs).

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How to Give a Business Presentation

How to Give a Business Presentation

There can be nothing worse than giving a presentation for your business when you are not prepared. Presentations can be heart pounding if you don’t know what you are doing and they can ultimately lead you into a presentation that no one understands. Getting the point across is your main objective but how do you do this and still give a great business presentation?

How to Give a Business Presentation

Be Prepared:

This should be the first thing on your mind. Always know what type of documents, products, or graphs that you will need to show the people in the business. Once you know what you will need, get all your items together and keep them in a safe place. This will help you to not forget anything when you go to the presentation.

Remember your W’s:

Back to the basics of grade school. Know your who’s, what’s, when’s, how’s, and why’s. Once you know this, the presentation will be much easier to give. People want to know the facts that lay behind the reasoning. Give them a presentation that goes over all the basics and you probably won’t have very many people asking questions because you have already outlined most of the answers in the business presentation.

Speak into the microphone but do it clearly:

You always want to make sure that the people in the back row can hear you amongst all the whispering and chattering of the other people in the room. Speaking clearly is another thing that you should do so that they will understand you better. If you don’t have a microphone, try speaking loud without screaming.

How long should your business presentation be?

This all depends on the subject at hand. A presentation shouldn’t be so long that people start to loose focus or you become tired of talking. Try practicing your speech on a tape recorder and then play it back to see if you sound clear and if it starts to bore you. If you become bored with the speech, your audience probably will too. When I give a presentation, I always try to keep it on subject and straight to the point. This allows your speech to be shorter without taking away from the main objective.

Practice to get past being nervous:

Nearly everyone is nervous when they have to get up in front of a group no matter how large or small the group is. The more you practice the presentation, the less likely you are to become nervous. If you know that presentation like the back of your hand, you will start to feel more confident about giving the presentation and will be less likely to mess up or start sweating in front of the audience.

Here is a recap on what we have learned through the help of this article:

Be prepared, Speak clearly and into the microphone, remember your w’s, the length of the business presentation, and why you should practice the presentation as much as possible.

Help! My Business Partner is Driving me Nuts! what are my Legal Options

Help! My Business Partner is Driving me Nuts! what are my Legal Options

Running a business is kind of like going to college for business partners. Although they don’t share a dorm room (well, they might), they do spend a ridiculous amount of time together, which is the perfect breeding ground for irritation and dissent. If your business partner is driving you crazy, and you’ve decided the problems can’t be rectified, you might have limited legal options to correct this terrible situation.

Help! My Business Partner is Driving me Nuts! what are my Legal Options

It’s Not A Perfect World:

When you and your business partner first got together with your Great Idea, you probably thought everything would be sunshine and roses from then on out. You pictured getting together for family barbecues together, sharing tales of success from the corporate world and congratulating each other on a job well done. What you didn’t imagine were the stressful days of pouring over numbers, the long meetings with prospective investors, and the increasingly irritating twang of one another’s voices. Hey, it’s not a perfect world.

If your business partner is driving you crazy, you’ll want to know first and foremost about your legal options. You might be losing a good friend in the deal, and your wife might make you sleep on the couch for a month (she’s best friends with his wife, but if you cover your legal ground, your partner can’t take you to the proverbial cleaners. This means going over every aspect of your business with a fine-toothed comb.

Your Business Partner:

In the perfect world mentioned above, you and your business partner would have drafted a partnership agreement before the business was ever formed. In that agreement, you would have outlined what exactly happens if one of you ever wants out, and how the business will be liquidated. You might also have stipulated in that agreement how one party can keep the business going if the other is no longer interested. But you didn’t, did you?

A Joint Partnership For A Small Business:

In the absence of a partnership agreement, your legal options are fairly slim, but your business partner is driving you crazy, and you definitely want out. So, your next step is to hire a lawyer to help you figure out what parts of the business are yours, and which are your partner’s. This is easier to do in a joint partnership for a small business because the profits, losses and inventory are split down the middle. For a corporation, however, it gets trickier.

When your business partner is driving you crazy, your choices basically narrow to two: either you buy out his share of the business, or he buyers out yours. These are the terms of the “corporate divorce”, and they can have negative financial implications for both parties. If you sell your end of the business, you forgo any future profits it makes, and you might get swindled if you don’t have a competent attorney. On the other hand, if you buy him out and the business tanks six months down the road, the financial burden is yours to bear alone.

Understand The Implications Of Your Decision:

In short, if your business partner is driving you crazy, you’ll need an experienced attorney to help you explore your legal options. Don’t do anything rash until you understand the implications of your decision, and don’t let him know what’s on your mind until you’re sure you’re standing on firm, solid ground.

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